Pluto and GMP

D. Hugh Redelmeier
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:46:28 -0400 (EDT)

[Oops: I forwarded my first message to the list, assuming that it
never got there.  I now see that Werner beat me to the punch.]

| From: Werner Koch <>
| Subject: Re: Hello?

| > I'm trying to make dsa.c/elgamal.c work with GMP because that is what
| > we use for big integers. We use it because we use libdes (Eric
| > Young's old code) and libdes uses GMP. What a tangle.
| libdes needs big integers - it is not the one from OpenSSL I guess.
Oops, sorry, I got that wrong. We use GMP because that is what we started with. libdes does not use it. GMP does have the advantage that it is already a library. We can switch to soomething else, but I'd rather not keep switching! Some people are currently using patches to Pluto to use OpenSSL. So there is a pull towards its bignum package, or at least not conflicting with it. Do you know whether gcrypt will be happy to co-exist in the same program as (parts of) OpenSSL? If your big number package is better than GMP, is there a chance you can make it a stand-alone library, separate from gcrypt? Could it then supplant GMP in general? Or is your library not better for all uses? Thanks, Hugh Redelmeier voice: +1 416 482-8253