Libgcrypt 1.1.3 released

Werner Koch
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 08:19:50 +0200


after quite a long time of development (actually of other stuff ;-),
a first stand-alone version of Libgcrypt has been released.  This is
version 1.1.3 and should be considered as Alpha quality.  We have to
use this quite high version number because Libgcrypt used to be part
of gnupg 1.1 and some other projects might have used that one and
checked the version number.  From now on Libgcrypt and GnuPG
versions are not anymore bound together.

Documentation has only partly been done - especially the PK
operations are not described :-(.  Some changes made to gnupg code
are not yet in Libgcrypt; this will hapen soon but there is no
urgent need for those fixes.

If you want to try it out:
a signature file is also available.  I have tested it on GNU/Linux
systems and it should build without probmels.  Please ignore a few

I have checked that gnutls 0.1.2 builds fine with it after removing
some macros about mpi_add etc. at the beginning of lib/gnutls_srp.c

Have fun,


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