Public Key encryption

Rüdiger Sonderfeld
Sat, 11 May 2002 15:07:02 +0200

Am Freitag, 10. Mai 2002 13:06 schrieben Sie:
> That is some debug output.  Have a look at newpg/agent/genkey.c to see
> what you should do.

I don't find this file :(

> gcry_pk_sign, gcry_pk_verify, gcry_pk_encrypt, gcry_pk_decrypt.

I wrote a wrapper function for gcry_pk_encrypt

typedef GCRY_SEXP pkkey;
int crypto_ppencrypt(unsigned char*data,unsigned char*to,pkkey pkey)
  return gcry_pk_encrypt((GCRY_SEXP*)&to,(GCRY_SEXP)data,pkey);

But the output is the same as the input! Isn't it really possible to convert 
from unsigned char * to GCRY_SEXP?