seperate public key, private key

Rüdiger Sonderfeld
Mon, 20 May 2002 15:00:48 +0200

Am Sonntag, 19. Mai 2002 14:37 schrieben Sie:
> On Sun May 19 2002; 13:19, Rüdiger Sonderfeld wrote:
> > I need to separate the public key and the private key from the GCRY_SEXP
> > struct because I want to save the private key crypted and the public key
> > readable.
> I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. The keys should be
> separated all of the time. Which means you need to store them in
> two GCRY_SEXP contexts from the begin.

when I use the gcry_pk_genkey() function I recive only one GCRY_SEXP