[PATCH] Message digest test suite and incomplete MD4 support

Simon Josefsson jas@extundo.com
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 23:16:28 +0100

Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org> writes:

> On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 17:34:47 +0100, Simon Josefsson said:
>> algo 301, grcy_md_open failed: invalid hash algorithm
>> Does it work for you?  Note that my original patch didn't work for me
> No. I had some hope that someone else debugs this ;-). Should be not
> that complicated.  I am currently hacking on a Mutt version and the
> time is pressing.  I'll fix it asap and make a new release.

Thanks.  I'll try to debug it too.

Btw, is there some inconsistency between this NEWS entry

* It is possible to use libgcrypt w/o intialized secure memory.

and the following output?

jas@latte:~$ cat baba.c
#include <gcrypt.h>

int main()
  GCRY_MD_HD md5h;

  md5h = gcry_md_open (GCRY_MD_MD5, GCRY_MD_FLAG_HMAC);
jas@latte:~$ gcc -o baba baba.c `libgcrypt-config --libs --cflags`
jas@latte:~$ ./baba
operation is not possible without initialized secure memory
(you may have used the wrong program for this task)