ANNOUNCE: Nettle-1.6

Niels Möller
03 Oct 2002 00:38:56 +0200

NEWS for the 1.6 release

	Optimized assembler implementations of aes, for sparc and x86.

	The aes interface has changed slightly. The function
	aes_set_key is no more. Instead one has to use
	aes_set_encrypt_key or aes_set_decrypt_key. Sorry about that. 

	New example programs, rsa-keygen, rsa-sign and rsa-verify,
	located in the examples directory.

	New configure option --enable-shared, which builds a shared
	library. Not tested.

	New experimental features, including sexp parsing and
	formatting, and changes to base64 encoding and decoding. The
	interfaces to these functions are subject to change, and are
	documented only in the source code.

I'll appreciate comments on the new things, in particular the
--enable-shared option, and the new sexp functions, which probably can
be simplified a little.

I've also created a nettle mailing list, see <URL:> for
subscription information. I expect it to be a low-volume list.
Further announcements of nettle releases will be sent to that list,
and probably not to the lsh or the gcrypt lists.

nettle-1.6 is available at

Happy hacking,
/Niels Möller