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Rafael P. Laufer
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 01:10:19 -0300

Yeah, before trying to use the libgcrypt , I had downloaded the gnupg-1.0=
from the website and I tried unsuccessfully to isolate the
functions that I would use. There was some global variables that didn't h=
either and the documentation on the gnupg website is only about using the
executable gpg ;) When I found the libgcrypt I felt released but the
documentation about using public key functions was none (except for the

Anyway, I just need an explanation on how to use the public key functions=
what are those structures, how can I store the keys, etc. The basics.
Something that I could start with. If anyone can help I would appreciate.

R=FCdiger, if you could send me your wrapper library and some example cod=
es I
would be glad.


Rafael P. Laufer

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> On Friday, 6. September 2002 13:38, you wrote:
> > I am developing a webmail application and I am very interested in usi=
> > the libgcrypt functions. So, I have downloaded the libgcrypt from the
> > GNU site but I did't got as much information as I needed from the /do=
> > files.
> I have the same problem. But there doesn't exist a better documentation.
> I can send you a wrapper library I wrote (public key alogrithm don't wo=
> correct at the moment). The source of gnupg 1.1.2 is also a good to lea=
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