error building gcrypt cvs on os x

Sun, 27 Jul 2003 19:05:15 +0100

Hi Neil,

Neil Spring wrote:
> Darwin has it's own __clz_tab in libgcc, so defining one in mpi-bit.c 
> causes an error.  Note that this is built with configure --disable-asm. 
>  I'm happy to send the rest of the config and build log, if needed.   
> Perhaps an autoconf check could notice if __clz_tab is defined and 
> suppress the definition of MPI_INTERNAL_NEED_CLZ_TAB in longlong.h.  
> "make check" succeeds after commenting out that #define.

The error is corrected in version 1.1.12 of libgcypt, see the recent 
thread on Mac OS X.