error building gcrypt cvs on os x

Neil Spring
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 11:35:39 -0700

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On Wednesday, Jul 30, 2003, at 04:43 US/Pacific, Moritz Schulte wrote:
> I just commited a simple change into CVS, can you please check wether
> this fixes the build problems you saw on MacOS X?

Great!  It works now.  I tested from a clean CVS and ran 'make check' 
as well.

Also, I know it doesn't matter, but ath.h should probably include 
sys/types.h, if only to clear out the warnings (mac include files are 
as picky as bsd's):
In file included from pubkey.c:31:    (and others -ns)
../src/ath.h:70: warning: `struct timeval' declared inside parameter 
../src/ath.h:70: warning: its scope is only this definition or 
declaration, which is probably not what you want
../src/ath.h:83: warning: `struct timeval' declared inside parameter 

Finally, a strange feature of the Mac is that it includes a program 
called "libtool" that is entirely unrelated. [1]  Modifying 
to test the version of "libtoolize" (the program acutally used) instead 
would make it work without modification.  Alternately, some way of 
finding "glibtool" (say an environment variable or a search path) would 
be mildly helpful.  This is obviously a low-priority change, as it only 
affects mac users building from CVS (unlike the __clz_tab issue, which 
would probably have hit anyone compiling).

[1]  (at the bottom)

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