How do you save an encrypted sexp? (D'oh!)

Warren, Tony
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 12:43:34 -0500

Greetings all!

I know it must be simple, but I've been staring at this library code for
so much time lately, that it seems I cannot see the forest for the
trees... 8-|

How can I take a newly encrypted sexp from gcry_pk_encrypt and save it
as a file on my server, and then read it later for decryption?
I cannot seem to find any reliable method to determine the actual size
of the sexp to do a simple fwrite/fputc, so I am left with taking chunks
of memory larger than I need, and trimming off the end... 

That is a stupid approach, but it's all my tired mind can come up with
at the moment...

I appreciate any assistance you can offer!  Thank you.

I must need more caffeine...  ;-)

Tony Warren