v1.1.43 hangs with GLib/GDK threads

lowhalo@hush.com lowhalo@hush.com
Sun, 28 Sep 2003 20:02:55 -0700

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Hi --

    Glad to hear that the problem's been fixed!  A few points:

1.) I updated the sources from CVS, but the compilation failed with:
'make[2]: *** No rule to make target `@LTLIBOBJS@', needed
by `libgcrypt.la'.'  However, I patched v1.1.43's secmem.c, and
it does appear to have fixed the problem.

2.) I was wondering if the libgcrypt team was ever planning on
releasing compiled binaries, like RPMs.  I'd like to release
RPMs for Ultramagnetic, but I can't distribute a libgcrypt RPM
on SourceForge because of the stupid export laws (SF is in the
    Can anyone donate a couple megs of server space to host
binaries for my project?  That would be a huge help!
(see http://ultramagnetic.sourceforge.net)

3.) What is the status of the libgcrypt sources?  I know that
it is considered beta, but aren't the individual functions
taken from GnuPG?  So, are those functions considered stable even
though the entire package is beta?
    What I'm trying to get to is this:  my project uses
ElGamal, AES-256, and DSA.  Would I need to wait until libgcrypt
v2.0.0 is released before I release v1.0 to the public?  If so,
would anyone have an idea as to when v2.0.0 is scheduled?

4.) I see that 1024-bit DSA is the largest I can use.  Any plans
on making the limit higher?  I'm paranoid.  (If not, I think I'm
going to switch to 2048-bit RSA sigs...)

    - low halo

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