Illegal instruction on power4+

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola rafael.espindola at
Tue Dec 7 13:45:55 CET 2004

I am trying to use libgcrypt in a p615 but it is trying to use powerpc 
assembly code which causes it to fail with a "Illegal instruction".

In /proc/cpu there is:
processor       : 0
cpu             : POWER4+ (gq)
clock           : 1452.000000MHz
revision        : 2.1
and the target is powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu.

I don't know why the powerpc code is not working in this processor, but moving 
the "powerpc64*-*-* " before "powerpc*-*-linux*" in config,links makes 
libgcrypt use generic c implementations and solves the problem. In fact, it 
is useless to have  "powerpc64*-*-* " after  "powerpc*-*-linux*" since every 
powerpc64 linux target would match the first.


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