libgcrypt 1.1.92 released

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Feb 20 22:01:44 CET 2004


We have just released libgcrypt 1.1.92 with a couple of fixes, the
addition of a 40 bit RC2(tm) implementation and unfortunately an API
change.  The API change only affects programs using the new AC
interface to the public key functions; thus only a few programs will
need some straightforward fixes. (827k) 

The relative large size of the patch file is mainly due to indentation

The NEWS files has to say this about the release:

   * Minor bug fixes.
   * Included a limited implementation of RFC2268.
   * Changed API of the gcry_ac_ functions.  Only a very few programs
     should be affected by this.
   * Interface changes relative to the 1.1.91 release:
  GCRY_CIPHER_RFC2268_40          NEW.
  gcry_ac_data_set                CHANGED: New argument FLAGS.
  gcry_ac_data_get_name           CHANGED: New argument FLAGS.
  gcry_ac_data_get_index          CHANGED: New argument FLAGS.
  cry_ac_key_pair_generate        CHANGED: New and reordered arguments.
  gcry_ac_key_test                CHANGED: New argument HANDLE.
  gcry_ac_key_get_nbits           CHANGED: New argument HANDLE.
  gcry_ac_key_get_grip            CHANGED: New argument HANDLE.
  gcry_ac_data_search             REMOVED.
  gcry_ac_data_add                REMOVED.
  GCRY_AC_FLAG_NO_BLINDING        NEW: Replaces above.
We hope that this releases makes a good step towards the long planned
1.2 release.  Thanks to all contribiutors and especially Moritz for
doing most of the maintaining work.



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