Need Help

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jul 19 19:01:08 CEST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004 19:51:24 -0700, Rajeev Joshi said:

> I am importing Public Key by doing 'gpg --import keyFile'.
> After i do this, it shows in error 'time warp or clock problem'.
> Need some help on this pls.

Easy: Throttle back to Warp 0 and use the impulse drive while
importing keys ;-)

The clock on one of the machines is somewhat off.  For example, you
created a key at 2004-07-19 12:00:00Z and then tried to import it on a
machine where the clock says 2004-07-19 11:00:00Z.  Ether wait a while
or use the option --ignore-time-conflict.



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