patch for libgcrypt 1.2.0 on pthreads

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jun 30 12:19:11 CEST 2004

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:24:37 -0700, Robey Pointer said:

> I won't try to defend gcc.  But it gives these errors without the patch:

> TLSStream.cpp: In function `int gcry_pthread_mutex_init(void**)':
> TLSStream.cpp:18: error: invalid conversion from `void*' to
> `pthread_mutex_t*'

You are using C++ and not C.

C++ is a different language than C - you have to make sure that your
C++ code uses plain C code correctly.  The only thing we have made
sure is that the link conventions of Libgcrypt won't conflict with

GCRY_THREAD_OPTION_PTHREAD_IMPL is a convenience macro.  Yo should use
your own implementation with C++.  The manual describes how to do it.



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