libgcrypt 1.1.93 released

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Mar 6 20:25:29 CET 2004


we just released libgcrypt 1.1.93; available at the usual places.

There are a few minor changes and the assembler stuff should be more
up to the one used by GnuPG.  Sparc64 still has problems, though.

Projects using Libgcrypt might want to update their copy of
libgcrypt.m4 - we added a feature to track the API version so that in
the future configure can produce an error when trying to link to a
more modern version.  This is probably more user friendly than to let
the compiler spit out bunches of errors.  To enable this feature you
need to prefix the version number used in the check with the API
number.  For example:

  AM_PATH_LIBGCRYPT(1:1.1.93, have_libgcrypt=yes, have_libgcrypt=no)   

If you leave the "1:" out, no API version check is done.  The current
API version may be trieved by running 

  libgcrypt-config --api-version

An old libgcrypt-config not supporting this new option won't let the
check in libgcrypt.m4 fail but silently skip the API check. 



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