important gcrypt threading support changes

Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Sun Mar 14 15:47:26 CET 2004

At Sun, 14 Mar 2004 08:50:38 +0200,
Nikos Mavroyanopoulos wrote:
> > > > address your concerns for gcrypt 1.2.  Still, we have some amount of
> > > > confidence into it.  Now we would like your opinion.
> > > This looks really fine to me.
> > Ok.  Can you elaborate a bit on how you plan to actually make use of
> > it in gnutls, ifyou have already an idea on that?
> I will not use that directly in gnutls. I'll document it so
> multi-threaded projects that use gnutls can use it. I'll send you
> the text once it is done for review.

That's workable, but in that case you should realize that applications
link (dynamically) directly against libgcrypt beside linking directly
against libgnutls only, and they become dependent on the libgcrypt ABI.

Intermediate libraries like libldap will then have to become dependent
on the libgcrypt ABI, too, or pass it on to the next layer.  Something
to consider at least.

This might be softened somewhat by our use of versioned symbols, on
platforms that support it.


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