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> Please do us all a favor and don't name the DLL libgcrypt - we might
> want to use this for an "official" DLL version.  In particular not
> with a version changed in a way this patch does.

Agreed.  The patch I provided wasn't meant for production uses; it
was just to help developers get started on the Win32 platform.

>> This patch also replaces the very slow win32 entropy gatherer included
>> in libgcrypt with much faster CryptoAPI functions.
>... and unknown properties.

True, but the provided entropy gatherer for win32 is too slow to be
practical.  On a 1.6Ghz desktop machine under 'normal' load, 1024-bit
DSA signatures take *45 seconds* to compute.  This delay is unacceptable
for my application's handshake phase which is designed to timeout after
30 seconds of inactivity.  Note that the same signing operation takes
1-2 seconds on that same machine when it runs Linux.

Since it sounds like you're not a big fan of switching completely to the
CryptoAPI, would you be interested if I wrote an improved patch to add a
/configure option to include it?

   - Joe

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