memory leak message at running "gcry_pk_genkey" function

gabi uleia ugabi at
Tue Jun 28 12:17:22 CEST 2005

I made a very simple example: 

	gcry_sexp_t s_key;
	gcry_sexp_t s_keyparam;
	int rc;
	rc = FN_gcry_sexp_build(&s_keyparam, NULL,
"(genkey(rsa(nbits %d)(rsa-use-e 3:257)))", 
	rc = FN_gcry_pk_genkey(&s_key, s_keyparam);   

FN_gcry_pk_genkey is the gcry_pk_genkey function but
readed dinamicaly from library (I cannot add at
references of my project libgcrypt library). 

1. The problem is that when FN_gcry_pk_genkey is
reached program is stopped, I get the following
message: Detected memory leaks! and my library is

2. Another question is if there are some sources which
I can compile whitout minGW ? or a library for

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