gcrypt.info problem?

Torrey McMahon Torrey.McMahon at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 29 18:25:44 CEST 2005

(Not on the list please include me on replies.)

I compile libgcrypt for the Solaris blastwave distro and recently 
someone reported a problem with the gcrypt.info file.

    libgcrypt comes with a gcrypt.info file in share/info. This file in
    the header part contains its entry that should go into the dir file
    for emacs in share/info. But the line is not correct. Once I added
    the . it all worked.

    This section in gcrypt.info:

        INFO-DIR-SECTION GNU Libraries
        * libgcrypt: (gcrypt). Cryptographic function library.

    That is how it should look like.

Is that bug worthy and if so where would I put one? Thanks.

Torrey McMahon
Sun Microsystems Inc.

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