libgcrypt and patches again

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Oct 11 18:57:05 CEST 2005

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 07:00:24 -0700, Christian Grothoff said:

> I also agree with Dirk.  In particular I an thinking of problems that would 
> occur if the library is loaded and unloaded repeatedly (dlopen/dlclose), 
> causing the malloc'ed memory to live-on.  Now, Dirk's explicit shutdown-call 

You simply can't do that with libgcrypt; it has not been designed to
be runtime loaded.  It is impossible for liibgcrypt to shut itself
properly down.  There is no reference counting or similar to detect
resources in use by other objects.

With the same justification one could ask for libc to shut itself down
on demand.  Well, of course, there is such a feature: exit(3).

Valgrind is a great tool, but it does not exempt the developer to
analyze the results.  Look only on the suppress files distributed
along with vg.



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