libgcrypt visual studio workspaces

s0rr0w mr.s0rr0w at
Thu Oct 27 12:55:45 CEST 2005

hi all,
I did a little project involved in libgcrypt (1.2.2) compilation using 
visual studio 6 ( are easily derived from v6 workspaces), that's a 
part of other visual studio workspaces.
you can find it on

I did not change any code line, but I had some problems with tiger and
rndegd, and with a lot of signed/unsigned warnings, but nothing that
prevented me from building the library.
I ported the tests too, but I was unable to compile two of them:
- testapi.c
   I think the three "gcry_mpi_scan" calls are wrong
- random.c
   too *nix oriented :p
For tiger and these two tests I think one should change the code,
if interested in working with lybgcrypt under vstudio.
If anyone is interested, please try it and try the tests too.
Thank you, keep on with this great effort!
Francesco "s0rr0w" Picasso

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