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Dirk Stoecker gcrypt at
Wed Aug 9 15:18:01 CEST 2006


I attached a larger cleanup patch for libgcrypt SVN:

It contains:
- usage of HAVE_CONFIG_H define
- Naming of unnamed data field in gcrypt.h to io.
  --> This is a leftover from older days and not supported by all modern 
  --> For some compilers this will break source code compatibility in case
      this field is used (Seems to be very very seldom). Most compilers
      should only issue a warning.
      Adding some defines will fix the error, but I would not recommend 
      doing so.
- Fixed some build and path problems
- Added some free() functions, where they were missing.

All these are only cleanups to fix leaks or compiling stage (mainly for 
Windows outside of Cygwin). The patches are fully public domain with no 
legal restrictions of any form.

-- (PGP key available)
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