Link with -no-undefined

Simon Josefsson jas at
Tue Jul 4 15:18:15 CEST 2006

Marcus Brinkmann <marcus.brinkmann at> writes:

>> > I committed the changes to bring the windows port framework in line
>> > with what is in GPGME, but the port remains incomplete.  If you have
>> > any patches to fix the remaining issues, why not send them in?
>> I tried building 1.3-cvs now, and I got the same problem you did.  The
>> problems seem to be due to src/ath.h.  How about reverting it to
>> what's in 1.2.2, which seems to work?  Maybe other things are fixed in
>> 1.2.2 that is broken in 1.3-cvs too.
> Well, 1.3 has some more development, like in the entropy module.  I
> have to leave it here for now, as this is not what I am currently
> working on.  If you get further, let us know, and I may get a chance
> to look at any patches that are sent to the mailing list.

It seems 1.3-cvs require some more work to build under MinGW, and
since 1.2.2 works fine for me, with the minimal patch, I think I'll
stay with 1.2.2 until someone makes 1.3-cvs work under MinGW.

>> Not all programs include a config.h that have
>> those define.  How about this?
> I put it in.  I don't know what header files on w32 platforms are
> reliable, I trust your judgement in that matter.

I'm not exactly sure either, but I don't have any good documentation
to build on.  The MSDN documentation regarding which platforms have
which features seems incorrect.  For example, it says on
that getaddrinfo exists on many platforms (e.g., Win95), but the only
system I've actually found it on is Windows XP.

I think the only sane way to deal with this is to install things that
seem to work now and wait for people to report when it doesn't work.

> The "right" solution to these problems is to generate the header file
> from a file.  However, we try to avoid that.

I understand, we do it that way in GnuTLS, but it complicates things,
and I'm not sure it is worth the trouble.


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