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haypo at haypo at
Wed Jul 12 18:04:09 CEST 2006


I didn't get any comment about my patches.

I can understand that you reject patches "remove REGISTER_DEFAULT_DIGESTS"
and "REGISTER_DEFAULT_PUBKEYS", since it change function behaviour. New
behaviour: _gcry_md_init()/_gcry_pk_init() have to be called (eg. call
global_init()) before calling any function of md.c / pubkey.c

Patch "fix gcc warning about gcry_thread_cbs in gcrypt.h" just remove a
gcc warning. I need it to compile my project with "-Werror" :-)

Patch "fix ath_mutex_destroy" don't really change function behaviour, it
just simplify the code (don't create a mutex if it doesn't exist).


For the copyright:
  Victor Stinner <victor.stinner AT>

Is it enough?

Victor Stinner

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