Stable release of gcrypt 1.3.x?

Simon Josefsson simon at
Wed Aug 22 12:09:52 CEST 2007

cvs at (svn author wk) writes:

> + Hi,
> + 
> + >As of now libgcrypt is GPL under Windows due to that module and some people
> + >would really like to see it under LGPL too.  Can you do such a license change
> + >to LGPL version 2?  Note that LGPL give the user the option to relicense it
> + >under GPL, so the change would be pretty easy and backwar compatible.
> + 
> + Sure.  I assumed that since GPG was GPLd, you'd prefer the GPL for the entropy
> + code as well, but Ian asked for LGPL as an option so as of the next release
> + I'll have LGPL in there.  You can consider it to be retroactive, so your
> + current version will be LGPLd as well.
> + 
> + Peter.
> + *==========
>   */

Neat!  The 1.3.x branch have some nice properties that 1.2.x doesn't
have, for example, it works without patches on mingw32, is completely
LGPL, gcrypt.h includes stdlib.h, and maybe some things I forgot.  What
remains until it will be declared as stable?

Alternatively, if it is faster, would you consider releasing a 1.2.5
with this stuffed back-ported?  I could propose a patch if it would help.


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