Stable release of gcrypt 1.3.x?

Simon Josefsson simon at
Wed Aug 22 13:23:35 CEST 2007

Werner Koch <wk at> writes:

> On Wed, 22 Aug 2007 12:09, simon at said:
>> Neat!  The 1.3.x branch have some nice properties that 1.2.x doesn't
>> have, for example, it works without patches on mingw32, is completely
>> LGPL, gcrypt.h includes stdlib.h, and maybe some things I forgot.  What
>> remains until it will be declared as stable?
> I am currently running tests on Vista.  After this has been fixed 1.3.1
> will be released and if that works out we can declare that versiion as
> stable.
>> Alternatively, if it is faster, would you consider releasing a 1.2.5
>> with this stuffed back-ported?  I could propose a patch if it would help.
> I'd like to go ahead with 1.3 asap.

Excellent, thanks.

The GnuTLS4Win 2.0 release (on September 1th) will likely use libgcrypt
1.3.0 (or 1.3.1) then.


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