newbie question ( RSA with ac )

Moritz Schulte moritz at
Mon Aug 27 02:37:21 CEST 2007

> but the decryption result does not match my string....

You probably  confuse MPI formats.  Your encryption  function expects an
USG MPI as  input returns a HEX MPI.   Your decryption function expects,
again, an USG MPI as inpurt and returns a HEX MPI.  Note that USG format
means: raw unsigned  integers contained in memory.  This  has nothing to
do with  c-strings (char *).  HEX  format on the other  side means: MPIs
encoded   as   hexadecimal   characters    in   a   c-strings   (as   in

After modyfing your program to expect  HEX MPIs as input in both places,
it simply works here.  I send it to off-list.


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