Can Libcrypt work with ASCII Armored Keys?

Presanna Raman presannar at
Tue Dec 4 02:27:51 CET 2007

Hi All,
I need to create a light-weight app in the EFI env that just verifies
signing of files and decrypts them. I came across Libgcrypt lib and have
studied the reference manual. I also looked into the sample
I found that this library has api's to do what I required, but once I
have the public Key in the s-exp format. There is no document that
explains how to convert an ascii armored public-key to it's equivalent
s-exp. Although, I can construct a s-exp using the armored data with
quotes around it (gcry_sexp_sscan), I get back zero when I check if the
s-exp contains the token "public-key" (gcry_sexp_find_token). I
understand that the key needs to be converted to a format understood by
gcrypt before I can use it.
Are there documents that describes how to convert the armored input to a
format understood by gcrypt? Any help with this would be appriciated.

With Regards,

Presanna Raman.

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