Libgcrypt 1.2.4 released

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Feb 4 13:43:53 CET 2007

On Fri,  2 Feb 2007 22:47, bradh at said:

> No immediate reason. However there are a couple of newer features (e.g. the 
> OFB mode for encryption) that are only in trunk, and I'm more interested in a 
> rough timeline (weeks/months/years is enough granularity) for release.

I see.  What we need to do before a release is:

 * Fix the signed/unsigned pointer mismatches as already done in 1.2.

 * Checking that all changes in 1.2 have also be applied to 1.3.  Due
   to private reasons Moritz has had not the time to keep them in sync
   and I am not 100% sure that completly kept of with it.  It is
   amgtter of checking the Chnagelogs.

 * Then the experimental random daemon needs to be clearly marked as

 * Werner Dittman wrote new .S code for AMD64, however we are waiting
   on the FSF folks to complete the legal papers.

 * Make sure that it also works under Windows.

So, it is only a matter of a few days work.  Lets say we do a release
by end of March.



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