Valgrind reports memory leaks

Brad Hards bradh at
Fri Jan 26 23:11:49 CET 2007

On Friday 26 January 2007 22:30, Pedro Lageira wrote:
> Hi Brad Hards,
> thanks for your help. I have replaced the line:
> gcry_control(GCRYCTL_DISABLE_SECMEM, 0);
> with the line:
> gcry_control(GCRYCTL_INIT_SECMEM, 1);
> But Valgrind still reports a memory leak:
> 591 bytes definitely lost (instead of 1,081 bytes).
> I'm sending the end of the Valgrind output in attach.
This is probably a difference between the version you are using (1.2.3) and 
the version that I am using (most recent svn trunk from yesterday). As Werner 
pointed out, some leaks are known, and some have been fixed.


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