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Presanna Raman presannar at
Wed Feb 20 03:50:59 CET 2008

	I am developing an App that needs to verify the signature of a file signed by gpg. I am unable to use gpg in the EFI environment. I have converted the public key, signature from the armored format to the s-expression by extracting the MPI values and building the sexpression from them. The problem is that I am unable to verify the data.
	I am able to build the public key and signature s-expression without any problems.  The statement I use is for public key and signature is 
			rc = gcry_sexp_create(&pkey, buffer, inputFileLength, 1, free); (replace pkey with sign for signature.) the buffer contains the 
I am using the following statement to build the sexpression of the data
			rc = gcry_sexp_build(&data, NULL, "(data (flags raw no-blinding) (value %s))", buffer);
where the data is provided as the buffer. Can someone help as to where I am going wrong? Is the syntax correct for converting data into sexpression?

Pl. Help.

With Regards,

Presanna Raman.
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