pk_encrypt/decrypt limited to <1024bit blocks

Torsten Rupp torsten.rupp at
Mon Sep 1 09:50:30 CEST 2008


I just detected that the example tests/pubkey.c of libgcrypt 1.4.1 
seems to have problems with encrypting/decrypting of data blocks with 
a size over 1016 bits. In the example a random number with 800 bits 
is created. This works fine. If I change the value e. g. to 1024 
encryption or decryption does not work anymore. Is this a bug or a 

I detected this problem when I encrypted/decrypted data blocks with 
2048 bit (and a 1024bit key-pair). Sometimes it seems to work, but 
sometimes it fail with the problem that the decrypted data is 
completely wrong.


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