ecc.c data structures

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Dec 28 18:10:41 CET 2009

On Mon, 28 Dec 2009 14:13:47 +0100, Sergi Blanch i Torné wrote:

> First idea that comes to my mean now is to use gnupg as a lib in the kdf (in 
> the ecc module by now, wherever in the future), but this gives me a crossed 
> dependency that can be an issue.

My point is that the entire OpenPGP ECC stuff does not belong into
Libgcrypt.  The GnuPG specific code needs to be implemented in GnuPG,
proper.  Only the bare DH ECC code belongs into Libgcrypt.

> GnuPG uses libgcrypt as crypto and mathematics library, isn't it? But I cannot 
> see clearly that can be accepted in libgcrypt that it uses GnuPG as a lib.

Sorry, I can't parse this.

> About the other question I made. What about the structs? Can be good to extend 
> the mpi_ec_ctx_s with the data that is used in some places? or it's better to 
> have a third struct specific for encrypt algorithm?

Internal structures are internal structures and thus can be changed as
needed.  I have not looked at the details, though.  However, a
fingerprint does not belong into Libgcrypt because it is protocol



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