Antoine Dumont antoine.dumont86 at
Wed Oct 7 11:47:29 CEST 2009

First of all, thanks a lot to the developers of this library and
particularly to Werner Koch for his job.
My purpose is about the generation of asymetric keys. When I generate a
couple of key of DSA or RSA algorithm thanks to the function
gcry_pk_genkey it can be very long and I understand that generate
primary numbers of 15000 bits is not very simple. But i asked me why the
library use only one core. I can compile and run my program in machine
whose have many core and I suppose it's possible.
After reading the reference manual, I saw that multi-thread is
supported, I suppose it's meaning that we can use the library into a
multi-thread program, but is the library itself multi-thread ?
Thanks a lot for your answers !
Best regards,
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