[patch] Minor test code (basic --verbose) update

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sun Apr 11 02:18:01 CEST 2010


Currently when running basic --verbose, the output looks like:
[bradh-dev at repens tests]$ ./basic --verbose
Starting Cipher checks.
  checking BLOWFISH [4]
  checking DES [302]
  checking 3DES [2]
  checking CAST5 [3]
  checking AES [7]
  checking AES192 [8]
  checking AES256 [9]
  (some more ciphers listed here)
  checking `ARCFOUR'
Completed Cipher checks.
Starting AES128 CBC CTS checks.
  checking encryption for length 17
  checking decryption for length 17
  checking encryption for length 31
  checking decryption for length 31
  checking encryption for length 32
  checking decryption for length 32
  checking encryption for length 47
  checking decryption for length 47
  checking encryption for length 48
  checking decryption for length 48
  checking encryption for length 64
  checking decryption for length 64
Completed AES128 CBC CTS checks.
Starting CBC MAC checks.
  checking CBC MAC for AES [7]
  checking CBC MAC for 3DES [2]
  checking CBC MAC for DES [302]
Completed CBC MAC checks.
Starting CTR cipher checks.
  checking CTR mode for AES [7]
  checking CTR mode for AES192 [8]
  checking CTR mode for AES256 [9]
Completed CTR cipher checks.
Starting hash checks.
and so on.

The "problem" is that we're not outputting anything about OFB or CFB tests.

Attached is a minor patch that groups the various "cipher mode" checks, and 
adds some verbosity for OFB and CFB.

Please apply.

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