Blackfin and version scripts

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Jul 24 08:35:31 CEST 2010


Ralf Wildenhues wrote on June 26:
> - complex GNU/Solaris ld version scripts, but most users need only a
>   fairly simple part of that,
> - w32 .def files,
> - symbols lists or regexes as used by libtool,
> - the wild card specification to use: ld uses globbing,
>   -export-symbols-regex uses ERE.
> - mangling relevant also for C: prepending underscore or not, appending
>   calling convention suffixes @... on w32,
> - mangling for non-C languages: C++, Java,
> - libtool should be able to add or remove a few symbols to the list,
> - for w32, we may need to tag DATA exports,

For W32 we also need the ability to assign ordinal numbers.  Actually
this is more important than the calling convention suffix because
allmost all new libs use C style.  For example:

    DllRegisterServer = DllRegisterServer at 0      @2	PRIVATE

Which assigns the ordinal 2 to DllRegisterServer.  I don't think the
complex syntax given above is really needed but nevertheless ordinals
are important to keep the ABI consistent,



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