Blackfin and version scripts

Ralf Wildenhues Ralf.Wildenhues at
Wed Jun 23 07:08:31 CEST 2010

Hello Russ, all,

* Russ Allbery wrote on Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 11:00:04PM CEST:
> I would dearly, dearly love for libtool to pick up a --version-script
> option that would pass in the full version script on platforms with
> linkers that understand it, turn it into a symbol export list on platforms
> that only support that,

is this doable programmatically?  Without a full version script parser?

> and suppress it entirely if the linker doesn't
> have any relevant capabilities.  That would save me a ton of maintenance
> burden on some of my packages, and it would then be easy to add a feature
> like the above as well.

Can somebody try to come up with a more detailed set of semantics, so we
can judge a bit better whether this is feasible?  If it is, any
volunteers on implementing this?

Do you know the gnulib module lib-symbol-versions?  (No, it's not a
complete solution.)


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