AES improvements on Intel CPUs

Stephan Mueller smueller at
Thu Feb 17 11:15:46 CET 2011

Am Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011, um 18:51:47 schrieb Werner Koch:

Hi Werner,

> Hi!
> The last days a played a bit with a loaned box from Intel (Core i5) and
> implemented asm code to use the AES-NI instructions.  It is quite an
> improvement over the pure C code:

Impressive numbers!

What are your plans on using the AES-NI instruction when you merge your code? 
Do you want the caller to select the used code (i.e. have a cipher 
implementation of, say, AES-NI that the caller must explicitly use) or do you 
plan to allow libgcrypt to select the use of the AES-NI optimized version "on 
the fly" without allowing the caller to even detect that.

I guess you know where I am coming from: it would be great when it is possible 
for the caller/administrator (at least in FIPS mode) to allow or disallow that 
AES-NI cipher use.


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