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Mon Sep 5 08:26:05 CEST 2011

Hi Werner,

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Jul 2011 18:29, steve at said:
>> /usr/local/include/gcrypt.h:1656: warning: 'gcry_ac_id_t' is deprecated
>> The release announcement for 1.5.0 says that using gcry_ac_ functions 
>> will produce compile time warnings.  We are not using those functions, 
> That is a bug in some versions of gcc.
I have checked several version of gcc, but till now I cannot find a version
that does not complain.
Could you please provide me, as reference, the version of gcc you are using?

>> with gcrypt.h included has the same problem.  Defining " 
>> _GCRYPT_IN_LIBGCRYPT" to "1" in Wireshark sources before the gcrypt.h 
>> inclusion works around this problem in my local sources.
> Please don't do this.
But if I define only GCRYPT_NO_DEPRECATED, I still get 6 warnings.

Below my test. Same result with many gcc from 4.4.5 to 4.6.0:
    $ echo '#include "libgcrypt-1.5.0/src/gcrypt.h"' > check-gcrypt.c
    $ gcc -c check-gcrypt.c
get 83 warnings
    $ gcc -D GCRYPT_NO_DEPRECATED -c check-gcrypt.c
    In file included from check-gcrypt.c:2:
    libgcrypt-1.5.0/src/gcrypt.h:1336: warning: ‘gcry_ac_io_mode_t’ is
    libgcrypt-1.5.0/src/gcrypt.h:1337: warning: ‘gcry_ac_io_type_t’ is
    libgcrypt-1.5.0/src/gcrypt.h:1344: warning: ‘gcry_ac_data_read_cb_t’ is
    libgcrypt-1.5.0/src/gcrypt.h:1358: warning: ‘gcry_ac_data_write_cb_t’ is
    libgcrypt-1.5.0/src/gcrypt.h:1393: warning: ‘gcry_md_algo_t’ is
    libgcrypt-1.5.0/src/gcrypt.h:1401: warning: ‘gcry_md_algo_t’ is

Best Regards,
Antonio Borneo

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