There is *no* W64 support yet for Libgcrypt!

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Apr 11 10:14:10 CEST 2012

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012 06:43, funman at said:

> We are distributing (experimental) VLC binaries using libgcrypt:

Don't do this!  In case this is used to create permanent keys or even
used to sign using DLP type keys (DSA); I suggest that you send out a
note that those keys should be revoked.

> Can you clarify what is wrong with libgcrypt/random/rndw32.c ?

The entropy gathering stuff is black magic and we need to see whether
the collected data on W64 is up to our expectations.  I have seen
reports that the collected entropy is very bad.

As a quick fix you may write your own rndw64 solely based on Windows
Crypto RNG functions; See init_system_rng et al.  If you want to do
more, checkout how it has been done in cryptlib.



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