Problem with padding and lost of data

Tiago Queiroz contato at
Fri Jul 20 01:59:39 CEST 2012

I am having two problems when I use libgcrypt:

1) When I use padding, it is not removed during the decryption. And I am
adding the "(flags pkcs1)" to S-expression before decrypt.

2) If I do not use padding and I encrypt and decrypt a block of bytes
which starts with the byte zero, I lose that first byte after decryption.

I attached a program that I am using to test libgcrypt.

Does anyone can help me?


Tiago de França Queiroz

Universidade Federal do ABC - UFABC
Bacharelando em Ciências e Tecnologia
Bacharelando em Ciências da Computação

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