[PATCH 09/10] Optimize wipememory2 for i386 and x86-64

Jussi Kivilinna jussi.kivilinna at mbnet.fi
Fri Nov 23 18:22:35 CET 2012

* src/g10lib.h (wipememory2): Add call to fast_wipememory2.
(fast_wipememory2): New macros for i386 and x86-64 architectures.
Empty macro provided for other architectures.

Optimizing wipememory2 give broad range of speed improvements, as seen below.

Cipher speed ratios, old-vs-new (AMD Phenom II, x86-64):

                ECB/Stream         CBC             CFB             OFB             CTR
             --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
IDEA            1.32x   1.35x   1.29x   1.25x   1.30x   1.33x   1.33x   1.33x   1.22x   1.22x
3DES            1.13x   1.10x   1.11x   1.12x   1.13x   1.16x   1.13x   1.13x   1.10x   1.12x
CAST5           1.57x   1.51x   1.56x   1.43x   1.48x   1.50x   1.49x   1.51x   1.28x   1.27x
BLOWFISH        1.53x   1.52x   1.56x   1.42x   1.50x   1.51x   1.49x   1.52x   1.27x   1.28x
AES             1.33x   1.33x   1.00x   1.02x   1.04x   1.02x   1.26x   1.26x   1.00x   0.98x
AES192          1.33x   1.36x   1.05x   1.00x   1.04x   1.00x   1.28x   1.24x   1.02x   1.00x
AES256          1.22x   1.33x   0.98x   1.00x   1.03x   1.02x   1.28x   1.25x   1.00x   1.00x
TWOFISH         1.34x   1.34x   1.44x   1.25x   1.35x   1.28x   1.37x   1.37x   1.14x   1.16x
ARCFOUR         1.00x   1.00x
DES             1.31x   1.30x   1.34x   1.25x   1.28x   1.28x   1.34x   1.26x   1.22x   1.24x
TWOFISH128      1.41x   1.45x   1.46x   1.28x   1.32x   1.37x   1.34x   1.28x   1.16x   1.16x
SERPENT128      1.16x   1.20x   1.22x   1.16x   1.16x   1.16x   1.18x   1.18x   1.14x   1.11x
SERPENT192      1.16x   1.20x   1.23x   1.16x   1.19x   1.18x   1.16x   1.16x   1.10x   1.10x
SERPENT256      1.18x   1.23x   1.23x   1.13x   1.18x   1.16x   1.18x   1.16x   1.11x   1.11x
RFC2268_40      1.00x   1.00x   1.03x   0.96x   0.98x   1.00x   0.99x   1.00x   0.99x   0.98x
SEED            1.20x   1.24x   1.25x   1.18x   1.19x   1.18x   1.21x   1.22x   1.14x   1.12x
CAMELLIA128     1.60x   1.69x   1.56x   1.50x   1.60x   1.53x   1.64x   1.63x   1.29x   1.32x
CAMELLIA192     1.55x   1.46x   1.44x   1.34x   1.42x   1.50x   1.46x   1.51x   1.26x   1.28x
CAMELLIA256     1.52x   1.50x   1.47x   1.40x   1.51x   1.44x   1.41x   1.50x   1.28x   1.28x

Cipher speed ratios, old-vs-new (AMD Phenom II, i386):

                ECB/Stream         CBC             CFB             OFB             CTR
             --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
IDEA            1.15x   1.11x   1.10x   1.08x   1.09x   1.13x   1.16x   1.07x   1.10x   1.14x
3DES            1.08x   1.08x   1.08x   1.07x   1.06x   1.06x   1.06x   1.05x   1.05x   1.05x
CAST5           1.23x   1.25x   1.18x   1.17x   1.25x   1.21x   1.22x   1.17x   1.14x   1.12x
BLOWFISH        1.25x   1.22x   1.21x   1.11x   1.23x   1.23x   1.24x   1.17x   1.14x   1.14x
AES             1.13x   1.13x   1.02x   1.02x   0.98x   0.98x   1.16x   1.03x   1.02x   0.98x
AES192          1.11x   1.12x   1.02x   0.99x   1.02x   0.95x   1.06x   1.00x   0.94x   0.91x
AES256          1.05x   1.05x   0.97x   1.00x   1.00x   0.99x   1.11x   1.01x   0.99x   1.00x
TWOFISH         1.11x   1.15x   1.16x   1.13x   1.12x   1.14x   1.13x   1.05x   1.07x   1.08x
ARCFOUR         1.00x   0.97x
DES             1.14x   1.14x   1.10x   1.07x   1.11x   1.12x   1.14x   1.08x   1.11x   1.17x
TWOFISH128      1.16x   1.23x   1.18x   1.15x   1.14x   1.20x   1.15x   1.05x   1.08x   1.08x
SERPENT128      1.08x   1.08x   1.08x   1.05x   1.06x   1.05x   1.09x   1.04x   1.05x   1.05x
SERPENT192      1.07x   1.08x   1.08x   1.04x   1.04x   1.06x   1.08x   1.04x   1.01x   1.05x
SERPENT256      1.06x   1.08x   1.05x   1.04x   1.05x   1.08x   1.07x   1.03x   1.06x   1.06x
RFC2268_40      1.00x   0.99x   1.02x   1.01x   1.01x   1.00x   1.02x   0.99x   0.98x   0.99x
SEED            1.12x   1.07x   1.12x   1.07x   1.09x   1.10x   1.10x   1.03x   1.07x   1.05x
CAMELLIA128     1.24x   1.21x   1.16x   1.17x   1.16x   1.16x   1.21x   1.16x   1.13x   1.12x
CAMELLIA192     1.19x   1.20x   1.14x   1.19x   1.20x   1.20x   1.18x   1.13x   1.13x   1.15x
CAMELLIA256     1.21x   1.19x   1.14x   1.17x   1.17x   1.16x   1.17x   1.11x   1.12x   1.14x

Hash speed ratios, old-vs-new (Intel Sandy-Bridge, x86-64):

MD5             1.00x   1.47x   1.07x   1.00x   1.00x
SHA1            1.06x   1.27x   1.06x   1.00x   1.00x
RIPEMD160       1.04x   1.32x   1.11x   1.00x   1.00x
TIGER192        1.05x   1.50x   1.15x   1.03x   1.05x
SHA256          1.05x   1.38x   1.21x   1.04x   1.03x
SHA384          1.15x   1.76x   1.25x   1.10x   1.04x
SHA512          1.15x   1.76x   1.27x   1.08x   1.04x
SHA224          1.05x   1.38x   1.21x   1.06x   1.00x
MD4             1.17x   1.55x   1.06x   1.06x   1.00x
CRC32           1.00x   1.00x   0.99x   1.04x   1.00x
CRC32RFC1510    0.93x   1.00x   1.01x   1.00x   1.00x
CRC24RFC2440    1.00x   1.00x   1.00x   0.99x   1.00x
WHIRLPOOL       1.02x   1.00x   0.99x   1.00x   1.00x
TIGER           1.05x   1.50x   1.15x   1.09x   1.05x
TIGER2          1.05x   1.48x   1.16x   1.06x   0.95x

Signed-off-by: Jussi Kivilinna <jussi.kivilinna at mbnet.fi>
 src/g10lib.h |   43 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 42 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/g10lib.h b/src/g10lib.h
index c580c08..f1af399 100644
--- a/src/g10lib.h
+++ b/src/g10lib.h
@@ -238,11 +238,52 @@ void _gcry_burn_stack (int bytes);
 #define wipememory2(_ptr,_set,_len) do { \
               volatile char *_vptr=(volatile char *)(_ptr); \
               size_t _vlen=(_len); \
-              while(_vlen) { *_vptr=(_set); _vptr++; _vlen--; } \
+              unsigned char _vset=(_set); \
+              fast_wipememory2(_vptr,_vset,_vlen); \
+              while(_vlen) { *_vptr=(_vset); _vptr++; _vlen--; } \
                   } while(0)
 #define wipememory(_ptr,_len) wipememory2(_ptr,0,_len)
+/* Optimized fast_wipememory2 for i386 and x86-64 architechtures.  Maybe leave
+   tail bytes unhandled, in which case tail bytes are handled by wipememory2.
+ */
+#if defined(__x86_64__) && __GNUC__ >= 4
+#define fast_wipememory2(_vptr,_vset,_vlen) do { \
+              unsigned long long int _vset8 = _vset; \
+              if (_vlen < 8) \
+                break; \
+              _vset8 *= 0x0101010101010101ULL; \
+              do { \
+                asm volatile("movq %[set], %[ptr]\n\t" \
+                             : /**/ \
+                             : [set] "Cr" (_vset8), \
+                               [ptr] "m" (*_vptr) \
+                             : "memory"); \
+                _vlen -= 8; \
+                _vptr += 8; \
+              } while (_vlen >= 8); \
+                  } while (0)
+#elif defined (__i386__) && SIZEOF_UNSIGNED_LONG == 4 && __GNUC__ >= 4
+#define fast_wipememory2(_ptr,_set,_len) do { \
+              unsigned long _vset4 = _vset; \
+              if (_vlen < 4) \
+                break; \
+              _vset4 *= 0x01010101; \
+              do { \
+                asm volatile("movl %[set], %[ptr]\n\t" \
+                             : /**/ \
+                             : [set] "Cr" (_vset4), \
+                               [ptr] "m" (*_vptr) \
+                             : "memory"); \
+                _vlen -= 4; \
+                _vptr += 4; \
+              } while (_vlen >= 4); \
+                  } while (0)
+#define fast_wipememory2(_ptr,_set,_len)
 /* Digit predicates.  */

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