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> assignments were never considered. A few years later, 1998, I started on
> LSH, and reused the low-level C code. Half a year later, LSH was dubbed

I recall that we met at the DKUUG spring conference that year and talked
about who would write a free ssh implementation (back then ssh was
proprietary) and I pointed you to the psst site.  I didn't knew that you
had a free crypto library at hand.

> a GNU package, with no large changes to the way it was developed. No
> copyright assignment policy was imposed at that time (and since I wasn't

Nobody understands why RMS sometimes demands a CA and sometimes not.
The FSF had always communicated to me that there is no way to do GNU
stuff without a CA except for existsing code like TeX, X11, and Mach.

> So what about today? Is FSF copyright assignment important to you, and

I announced last year that there is no more need for a CA.  But the
whole discussion is moot; Nettle and Libgcrypt are very different and
there is no need to merge them.



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