Sexp changes between 1.5.3 and 1.6.0

Ludovic Courtès ludo at
Sat Dec 21 21:15:16 CET 2013

Werner Koch <wk at> skribis:

> On Sat, 21 Dec 2013 12:42, ludo at said:


>>   2. ‘gcry_sexp_nth (a (b 3:pqr) (c 3:456) (d 3:xyz)) 0’ returns the
>>      complete list in 1.5, whereas in 1.6 it returns NULL (which makes
>>      more sense IMO.)
> Are you sure, that it was wrong 1.5?  A quick check does not reveal code
> changes.  But there might have been changes creating the sexp in the
> first place.

I’m creating sexps with ‘gcry_sexp_new’, with ‘autodetect’ set, FWIW.

(BTW, as a Schemer, it took me a while to understand that car and nth do
not correspond to their traditional Lisp counterpart: the Lisp car and
nth return the given element, regardless of whether it is a list or an


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