a platform with which each gnupg identity can put out notifications

Jasper o.jasper at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 15:44:31 CEST 2013

Is there a system with which you can have each gpg identity put
notifications out? Basically the idea is that you feed it signed files,
and it verifies, figures out the identity, and puts the files in a
directory(if the key not yet revoked/outdated etcetera), each
corresponding to one identity.(Though they will have to be connectable
when a user changes private key)

The directory would be used to receive data which other programs can
then use. The main use i have in mind is a 'distributed reddit'
where you give points to persons who are good at indicating or rating
interesting articles. The program uses the data to make a list ordered
by interestingness, allows you to give points yourself, and it could
also publish some calculated estimates about stuff you havent read
about.(So you propagate interesting articles without neccessarily
having read them) For more on this:

The unit of distributing notifications should imo be the file. So the
source doesnt matter; you could put it on a memory stick, steghide
it into a picture, flicker a led light and use a telescope to catch it,
or just put it on a server for all to see. Email clients etcetera could
then be configurable to identify and outomatically add this file.

But it would be useful for other things too;
* distributed wikis
* 'voting systems'/todo systems
* vetting code? Trust/competence estimates on code based on people
  indicating they reviewed it/wrote it.

Something like this might already exist. I am an idiot about
choosing/figuring out tools/libraries sometimes.. Could you advise
about how this can be a good/bad idea?

Wrote some code(attachment), but it seems i havent figured out how to
parse the signature right.(and probably still issues after that) Also i
think probably the stuff should be tarballed, so it'd immediately
indicate directories inside. Advice on how to implement it is also
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