Using --enable-special-filenames on Windows

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Nov 27 13:59:18 CET 2013

On Wed, 27 Nov 2013 11:42, lrn1986 at said:

> You can make it part of the API: "All objects are uninheritable by
> default (non-inheritable on W32, close-on-fork on other platforms)"
> and provide platform-abstracted API to override that rule (depends on

We have to live with the existing operating systems and can't change
their behaviour anymore.  One library can't force the author of a large
application not to use other libraries which will have side effects on
the used file descriptors.  Application writers are often not aware of
what libraries they are actually using (cf. inter library dependencies
and all the mess with linking to to several ABIs of the same library)



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