_gcry_ath_mutex_lock: Assertion

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Aug 6 09:21:46 CEST 2014

On Tue,  5 Aug 2014 14:21, dgoulet at ev0ke.net said:

> https://bugs.otr.im/projects/libotr/repository/libotr-next/revisions/test-suites/entry/tests/regression/client/client.c#L42

Thanks.  However, I can't find a 

  gcry_control (GCRYCTL_SET_THREAD_CBS, &gcry_threads_pthread);

anywhere in the test-suite or master branches.  The


defines the gcry_threads_pthread structure which then needs to be passed
to the above gcry_control call.  This is all described in the manual,
but take care to read the 1.5 manual and not the 1.6 where this is not
anymore needed and thus not described.



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