AES128 in CBC mode decode on longer data [libgcrypt]

Jan Bilek jan.bilek at
Mon Dec 1 09:34:08 CET 2014

Hello Jussi,

We've been able to reproduce all test vectors from 

All went well except for AES128 decode in CBC mode. This is strange as 
the same code does very well for AES 192 & 256.

Would you mind if I'll ask you to confirm on following vector?

KEY = 0700d603a1c514e46b6191ba430a3a0c
IV = aad1583cd91365e3bb2f0c3430d065bb
PLAINTEXT = 068b25c7bfb1f8bdd4cfc908f69dffc5ddc726a197f0e5f720f730393279be91

Which should be hopefully something like this:

+      { GCRY_CIPHER_AES128,
+ "\x07\x00\xd6\x03\xa1\xc5\x14\xe4\x6b\x61\x91\xba\x43\x0a\x3a\x0c",
+ "\xaa\xd1\x58\x3c\xd9\x13\x65\xe3\xbb\x2f\x0c\x34\x30\xd0\x65\xbb",
+        { { 
+ "\xdd\xc7\x26\xa1\x97\xf0\xe5\xf7\x20\xf7\x30\x39\x32\x79\xbe\x91",
+            32,
+ "\xc4\xdc\x61\xd9\x72\x59\x67\xa3\x02\x01\x04\xa9\x73\x8f\x23\x86"
+ "\x85\x27\xce\x83\x9a\xab\x17\x52\xfd\x8b\xdb\x95\xa8\x2c\x4d\x00" },
+        }
+      },

If you can encode (should do well) and decode the result back.

Thank you,

Jan Bilek
CTO, EFTlab Pty Ltd
email:jan.bilek at
mob:   +61 (0) 498 103 179

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