Patch for libgrypt autoconf macro

Evgeny Grin k2k at
Thu Mar 6 10:23:45 CET 2014

Other autoconf macros use $SED
autotools can be used on Linux, Unix, Windows and other platforms so it's better to let user to override default sed by setting SED variable.

Best Wishes,
Evgeny Grin

06.03.2014, 12:16, "Werner Koch" <wk at>:
> Would you be so kind an explain why you need this?  We do not use any
> special options or features of grep or sed.
> grep(1) and sed(1) are as standard as test(1) and a basic part of the
> Unix tool kit for now 40 years.  Unix version 6 was the first public
> version and appeared in 1975; both tools have already been part of
> version 4 (see also CACM [1]).

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